Teachers Workshop

Having an In-Depth knowledge is must for a student and his family before exploring various aspects of foreign education, environment, work opportunities and projects by attending teacher workshops held by experienced and professional teachers.

To read is just one way of gaining knowledge but a fully scheduled, well structured and informative workshops hosted by Mother Ziramani Teacher Training College Education leaves all the other contemporary methods of learning while interacting far behind. Our lecturers, teachers, motivational speakers are professional with years of experience in their field of education and research.

So how does a workshop help?

A workshop can be distributed in a number of days or a single day. There could be one or many expert teachers interacting with the students during the workshop hours. Workshops are a brilliant way of learning. We charge no or Nominal fee from students and their parents who are willing and keen to learn more and enhance their experience about foreign education.

A well structured Workshop is structured in short bursts of various brainstorming sessions. Depending on the participants, the content can be altered. Here you can see an example of a workshop on a particular country distributed over 3 days.