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There are various options available in the education market to confuse even the most learned of us. It is worthful to ascertain the exact thought process before plunging head first into the options available. IQ Education Consultants provide the students with most efficient and expeditious education service. An integral part of making a life altering decision to study abroad is incomplete and inaccurate without proper career counselling, teacher workshops and psychometric test. These services assist a student and his family in understanding what they desire and what their child is capable of delivering.

Career Counselling

A student undergoes the torturous process to shortlist a course and a college for his future pursuance. It is easy for a child to get swayed away by his peers and family suggestions at his disposal around the clock. In many cases it has been observed that a student’s decision of pursuing a course not because he wanted to go for it, but because of the societal influence. We, at IQ education make sure that a student’s choice is based on his personal likes, aims, objectives and personal targets.

We are driven in making a student realize that his decisions are only his and no one else’s, so that he truly believes in himself when he steps out chasing his dreams into the real world without repenting on the decision he took a few years back. We specialize in One on One counselling and interactive sessions with our panel of experts to get student’s and their families smallest of queries answered to their until they are satisfied.

Teacher Workshops

Teacher workshops are held in a precise, informative and well structured manner to make the aspirants aware of the foreign conditions and offerings related to the country or course that they have chosen for their abroad education. We have a network of professional teachers qualified to host workshops on current educational topic including courses, lifestyle, jobs, competition, etiquettes, cross cultural information etc.

Understanding that moving out of one’s house or country is a taxing decision for the entire family. The main purpose of holding this workshop is to ease the anxiety of the student and his family before moving out. Interacting with people who have been there talking directly about their experiences and learning encourage students to the next right step.

Psychometric test

A test that analyses and maps a student's knowledge, attitude, personality traits, abilities and aptitude is known as a psychometric test. Over the years, the study of human psychology has witnessed many breakthroughs and has managed to develop equipments for understanding and simplifying a complicated human brain. These tests are conducted under the guidance of a well qualifiedPsychometrician who can provide students with an appropriate feedback on a their aspiration, desires and needs.

IQ Education Consultants have qualified and experienced Psychometricians who can practice this test and help students realize their true potential through a detailed study of their answer sheets in turn unveiling the limitless scope for a child in the path of his choice. The basic aim of these tests is to guide the student in a direction most suited to his profile.