Mother Ziramani Teachers Training College

The journey from a dream to ambition and then a realized reality need a dependable and a trust worthy pathfinder. Mother Ziramani Teachers Training College Consultants steer the students clear and ahead of the perilous times between filing an application and waiting for the final admission confirmation with the help of our student education services like C.V Building, Essay and S.O.P Editing, Test preparation, visa guidance and application assistance.


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With the assistance from Mother Ziramani Teachers Training College Education Consulting, parents and students need no worry about :


C.V Building


An impressive curriculum vitae is the first impression of a student in front of the college admission committee. Our experts help build the most impressive profiles for students ensuring that a student’s C.V is an instant success with college admissions panel with acceptance of applications filed. [Continue Reading]


Essay and S.O.P Editing.


Easy as it sounds, essays can be related to something that we have been writing since our early years in school. The entire global forum has changed today which has lead us to a dynamic and ever changing formats and language use in terms of essays. The minimum acceptable standards have gone through the roof.


Statement of Purpose or S.O.P is also known as a letter of intent which a student has to file as a part of his application to the college. Every college has a separate and varied format under which an S.O.P can be filed. Without proper guidance, a weak statement can get an application rejected. Our Student consulting service caters to the individual profile producing the intensely edited essays and S.O.P through years of experience. [Continue Reading]


Test Preparations


Countries these days have separate and their own guidelines for accepting the standard international student intelligence and language tests like TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and IELTS. The results of these tests are based on minimum marks accepted any college in a particular country. With our Student consulting service we provide special interactive and preparation sessions for student enabling them to clear the minimum expectations of any educational body. [Continue Reading]


Visa Guidance


Visa application and generation has become one of the most crucifying tasks for a student’s family. Constant rejection ad refilling cause monotony and agitation. IQ Education Consultants walk you through the rugged procedure of filing a visa application in turn attaining the appropriate visa acquisition based on the country chosen by a student and their families.[Continue Reading]


Application Assistance


Formats and trends of filing an admission application with different universities for a single student might be confusing. The universities demand various documents supporting a child’s background in education, work experience, student and citizen character etc… Individual applications are assisted towards the targeted college, university and schools by providing students and parents with appropriate and genuine guidelines and simplifying the entire process putting the entire family at ease. [Continue Reading]


Our cosulting services makes application process so easier. We guide you at each step and help you give the best! We understand your concerns and endeavor to make things simple To know more how we can assist you, drop us a mail at.